Transforming chemical engineering with artificial intelligence.

Our focus

Learn more about our fundamental research to bridge chemical engineering and AI

Our goal is to prepare our students to become the next leaders in applying AI to academia and industry.

We are open to collaborations with industry and academia to bring our vision to life.

What is Process Intelligence Research?

We are a new research group at the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. Our vision is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chemical engineering.

We will bridge chemical engineering and AI to deliver the next generation of intelligent knowledge and decision-making platforms for the chemical engineering field. At the heart of the successful transformation of chemical engineering with AI lies our fundamental and applied research in machine learning, data science, and process systems engineering.

Our team says…

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Our competencies

Machine learning
Computer vision
Natural languague processing
Knowledge representation
Hybrid modeling
Knowledge graphs

Key tools

Aspen Plus

Latest News

Qinghe Gao publishes paper on topographic variationally autoencoders at NIPS

We are glad to share that our PhD student Qinghe Gao has just published his first conference paper on “Modeling Category-Selective Cortical Regions with Topographic Variational Autoencoders” at NIPS.

4TU FAIR Data Fund 2021

Artur Schweidtmann has won a FAIR Data Fund 2021 granted by the the 4TU.ResearchData Community. His proposal is about FAIR scientific publications. The project obtained 73 out of 81 points from three reviewers.

NWO Open Science Fund 2021

Artur Schweidtmann has won a NWO Open Science Fund with his proposal for an open-source knowledge graph database for chemical engineering. His project is one of the 26 projects that were honored by this call for the first time this year (and the only one from TU Delft). The “ChemEng KG” aims to accelerate process development in academia and industry.


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