Latest News

Qinghe Gao publishes paper on topographic variationally autoencoders at NIPS

We are glad to share that our PhD student Qinghe Gao has just published his first conference paper on “Modeling Category-Selective Cortical Regions with Topographic Variational Autoencoders” at NIPS.

4TU FAIR Data Fund 2021

Artur Schweidtmann has won a FAIR Data Fund 2021 granted by the the 4TU.ResearchData Community. His proposal is about FAIR scientific publications. The project obtained 73 out of 81 points from three reviewers.

NWO Open Science Fund 2021

Artur Schweidtmann has won a NWO Open Science Fund with his proposal for an open-source knowledge graph database for chemical engineering. His project is one of the 26 projects that were honored by this call for the first time this year (and the only one from TU Delft). The “ChemEng KG” aims to accelerate process development in academia and industry.

Our reluMIP tool is open source available

I am happy to present our new open-source tool for the MILP optimization of ReLU artificial neural networks. We directly interface #Pyomo and Gurobi Optimization for optimization and #tensorflow for training. Thus, combining state-of-the-art optimization and machine-learning algorithms.