HybridML: Open source platform for hybrid modeling


Hybrid modelling, i.e., the combination of data-driven modelling with mechanistic model components, reduces the data demand and enables extrapolation of data-driven models. However, building, training and evaluation of hybrid models is cumbersome with current frameworks. We developed HybridML, an open-source modeling platform, in which hybrid models can be trained, i.e., combinations of artificial neural networks, arithmetic expressions, and differential equations. We employ TensorFlow for artificial neural network training and Casadi to integrate ordinary differential equations and provide gradients of differential model equations enabling continuous time representations. HybridML provides also a JSON interface for the model development. We apply HybridML to an industrial case study, in which the trained model is used to predict drug concentrations over time, based on physiological information about the patients. To demonstrate its versatility, we also present a nonlinear application, where HybridML is used to model the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic in German federal states based on the states socio-economic attributes.

Computers & Chemical Engineering