First Dutch article about Artur Schweidtmann scientific work

I am proud to share the first Dutch article about my scientific work. It was written by Arjen Dijkgraaf for C2W | Mens & Molecule. And here is the news link.

Initially Artur Schweidtmann studied mechanical engineering. But during a stay at Carnegie Mellon University (USA), he was captivated by process technology. He then wrote his master’s thesis in Cambridge (UK), which also sparked his interest in AI, artificial intelligence. In this way he mastered a special combination of professional disciplines, with which he could immediately start as a university teacher at TU Delft after his doctorate at the RWTH in Aachen. A large-scale AI Initiative has been running there since the end of 2020, which covers all eight faculties and is intended to deliver 24 new AI labs with a budget for 48 tenure trackers and 96 PhD students. ‘They’re hiring like crazy’, is how Schweidtmann sums it up. In the meantime, he has learned enough to publish ’like crazy’. This summer, three preprints appeared within one week arXiv . Together they give a nice picture of his ideas for the future.